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It's OK to Change Your Mind (2022)

OUT NOW! IOKTCYM see's the band turn the gain down to offer a tantalising look at the breadth of their songwriting ability. Lyrically more reflective, musically lighter and more uplifting than past work, it delivers a cohesive piece of music that'll get you moving and thinking. 

KandaliniWireMother 15April.jpg

 Wire Mother (2022)

Wire Mother lends itself to the raw energy of 80s/90s post-hardcore and grunge, bringing a searing but dynamic punch to the guts. It's a song for people who like a kick and snare in their guts, face melting guitars, groove for your hips and vocals that run down your spine.

A Lot Like You Cover Art (2020)

 A Lot Like You (2020)

A Lot Like You was recorded in a spare bedroom in Dale's suburban childhood home, recording whenever his parents weren't home with 4 microphones and a hand-me-down laptop. This is the first real taste of the direction of the band and our favourite song to play live.

A Song Called Pain Cover Art Thumbnail (2019)

 A Song Called Pain (2019)

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